About Us
The brand Strategic has been in print industry since 1996 and has evolved as a very reputed and much looked-up-to brand for innovation, quality, and service.
Strategic Designs was the master distributor for the US based famous printer company LaserMaster in 1996, whose name was later changed to ColorSpan. In the year 2000, this company was sold to Mac Dermid and was christened as Colorspan by Mac Dermid. The product line consisted of aqueous based printers and consumables.
In the year 2002 Strategic got the exclusivity to launch the MicroQaud Technology by Mac Dermid ColorSpan and made Display Maker 72S ; DM 72Si, DM 98Sx ; DM 98Si and DM 72 UVR a grand success in INDIA. 
Life-long customer satisfaction has always been our priority and this led us to set up a service and support team for the after-care of our products. Quick and efficient service has always been an integral part of our profession due to which we proudly boast that our machines are always up within 24 hours of breakdown, if any.
The mushrooming success of Mac Dermid ColorSpan led Hewlett Packard to acquire ColorSpan from Mac Dermid in 2007 and this brought us to become the Master Resellers of HP’s Aqueous, UV and Solvent based printers and also to take care of the service aspect of the same. 
We do not believe in competition but rather sharing our knowledge, experience and exposure with everyone and the best way to do was to manufacture a product that meets the basic needs of a printer and fulfills the latest market demands.
The blueprint for the machine was simple-
“A fast speed machine with cheaper consumables, economic equipment price and affordable spares”.

led us to develop the best in its class- Stratojet SHARK and Stratojet SHARK i


Strategic Printing Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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